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How to Use Amazon Retail Analytics to Drive Sales

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The retail giant jumped into the analytics game with Amazon Retail Analytics (ARA). This tool could revolutionize eCommerce for Amazon vendors. ARA offers comprehensive seller data which showcases both sales volume and the driving force behind those sales. The services can also help to streamline procurement, revenue, and inventory operations.  But that is only a […]

Amazon GS1 Barcode Requirements

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Amazon GS1 Barcodes shouldn’t be foreign to you, since the marketplace only accepts this code. It’s a standard for Universal Product Codes (UPCs), which are the barcodes used within the supply chain. Amazon updated their GS1 barcode policy back in 2016. However, the marketplace wasn’t too strict about it until 2018. Since then, brands have […]

Top Online Marketplaces in Europe in 2023

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It’s been a while since Amazon launched into marketplaces in Europe. Starting off in the UK, the retail giant quickly expanded into Germany, France, Italy, and Spain.  Now, Amazon also operates in the Netherlands, Sweden, Poland, and Belgium. This is excellent news for brands wanting to expand their European sales reach. But this is not […]