Why an HDMI USB Video capture card?

September 20, 2020

Why an HDMI USB Video capture card?

Here is a short story from Projector reviews that I want to share showing why you would use an HDMI capture card EVEN if you were not doing ANY VIDEO EDITING!


“These paragraphs are for our Millennial friends, those “cable killing cord cutters.”  

One important part of my job as a serious reviewer of HT projectors is convince you that Avatar, or Gone with the Wind, Game of Thrones, the Superbowl, Breaking Bad, or Rocket Man shouldn’t be watched on something as small as a phone, tablet or laptop.

Hopefully, you will at least agree that they probably would be more fun, more intense, etc., on a drastically larger screen.

If you don’t have a LCD TV on the wall and are limited to small screens, perhaps you should consider a small projector you can quickly set up when you have something worth watching on the big screen. 

I get it that many of you millennials love to watch and stream content on your laptops, tablets or phones. You may want to consider perhaps opting for one of those small, but high resolution, pocket LED projectors, or other home entertainment projectors to occasionally take out for viewing the content that begs for a large immersive image! I mean really – Dunkirk and Avengers Endgame were definitely not meant to be viewed on a 13” laptop display.

Old story: When my daughter moved to NYC four years ago and lived with a roommate, they had no LCD TV in her apartment, no cable, no antenna, no satellite. They were streamers. I managed to procure them a “pocket” LED projector to use and review (with MHL of course), when they wanted to watch on something larger than what their phones or laptops could provide.

They just plugged in one of their streaming sticks and put on Netflix, or other content. Lisa reviewed the Optoma ML750ST in her Millennials Series. Since then, we’ve received and reviewed more 720p and 1080p pocket projectors!

In this report, we’re focused on projectors that appeal to people whose interest is in high-quality pictures for movies, sports, and HDTV. That said, in our individual reviews, we do test most of the home theater projectors for their lag times. Also, for you millennials, we definitely focus on whether a projector is a good gaming projector that serious gamers will love. Nikki, one of our reviewers, is a hard core gamer, as is my future son-in-law. For a lot of serious gamers, many of the projectors covered in this report are only mediocre or poor choices, and then there are some great gaming projectors, even if none have as low input lag as special dedicated computer monitors.”

So as you can see, “ They just plugged in one of their streaming sticks…” is also a video capture card! Hook up any small device to a TV or mini projector through the LCA IMPERIAL HDMI Video Capture card! Enjoy

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