What to Expect from Amazon Prime Day 2022

July 12, 2022

In June 2022, the retail gian announced that Amazon Prime Day 2022 was scheduled to run from July 12th to 13th.

The big event had been shifted to October in 2020, and June in 2021 due to the COVID-19 pandemic. Now, Prime Day goes back to its original month this year.

Historically, each Prime Day outsells the last. That tells us one sure thing: it’s time for Prime sellers to prepare and make the most of Amazon’s landmark event!

Below, we’ll review some of the best products you can sell on Amazon Prime Day 2022.

So, without further ado, let’s find the best deals for Prime Day!

When is Prime Day in 2022?

With a few exceptions, Prime Day always falls around July.

The first Prime Day took place in 2015. It came about as Amazon’s way to celebrate its 20th anniversary.

Since then, Prime Day has become an Amazon tradition. It’s a 48-hour sale where Amazon subscribers enjoy unique product discounts. Plus, they can also take advantage of free 2-day deliveries.

JungleScout’s Consumer Trends Report Q2 2022 offers some great insights on the matter. This quarterly study explores consumer preferences and online shopping habits.

The report tracks the shopping behavior of 1,000 consumers in the US. According to the JungleScout Consumer Trends Report Q2 2022:

41% of consumers pay for their Prime subscription.15% share a Prime account with another buyer.12% would consider getting a personal Prime account.90% will keep the subscription for another year.

2022 fares as a big year for Prime Day. JungleScout states that exclusive Prime deals started to roll out in June 2021.

Plus, 47% of consumers are expected to make at least one purchase during Prime Day 2022.

 Source: JungleScout

Here’s how consumers plan to make the most of Amazon Prime Day 2022: 

13% – Shop for expensive products, such as electronic devices.
13% – Buy gifts for holidays or special occasions, like birthdays.
13% – Shop around for discount items from big brands.
11% – Buy essential home and grocery items.
11% – Fill up their shopping cart, and buy products that go on sale.
11% – Shop Amazon -exclusive products, such as Echo and Kindle devices.
10% – Purchase timely-need items, like apparel and school supplies. 
8% – Look and buy products from small brands. 

Source: JungleScout

Last year alone, Amazon Prime Day registered almost $11.2 billion in sales, according to JungleScout. So, it’s clear this is a time no seller would want to miss out on. 

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What are the Best Items to Sell on Amazon Prime Day?

Buyers are accustomed to finding thousands of different products on Amazon. So, there’s a certain guarantee that they’ll see almost as many deals during Prime Day.

For example, Prime Day is a great moment to buy Amazon’s signature devices. Here are some pricing estimates for Amazon devices, according to CNET:

Echo Dot (4th gen). The device usually retails for $50, but it may drop down to $29 or $25 during Prime Day.
Echo Show 5. Its regular pricing is $85, but it could sell for as low as $40 on Prime Day 2022.
Fire TV Stick 4K. The usual price is $50. However, Amazon’s 4k streaming device could drop down to $30, or even $25.
Halo View. Amazon’s fitness tracker is fairly new. It retails for $80, but Prime Day could set pricing at 60$ or less.
Amazon Music Unlimited. This music streaming service charges $8 per month.
But Amazon Prime Day may offer a 3- or 4-month free membership.

Source: CNET

The list of offers goes beyond Amazon merchandise, of course. Prime Day is a ripe date to find deals on brands like Bose, Samsung, Apple, and many more.

According to Numerator, in 2021, the Top 5 Product Categories on the US during Prime Day were:

Health & BeautyConsumer ElectronicsApparel & ShoesHousehold EssentialsHome. & Garden

Now, based on last year’s Prime Day, what can we expect for this year?

Let’s take a look at some of the best items to sell on Amazon Prime Day 2022:

Apple Devices

Prime Day 2022 may feature great offers on next-gen Apple devices. But customers can also find unique discounts on older Apple products.

For example, the 8th gen iPad sold at $299 during Prime Day 2021. That means buyers save $300 off the regular pricing.

Furthermore, the iPad Air 4 dropped from $599 to $519. Not a bad deal for a 2020 Apple tablet!


Chip shortages are still harming the electronics market. That said, customers may still find some great Prime Day deals on laptops. Let’s look at two examples from 2021:

Dell’s XPS13, which retails at $1,099, saw a $200 price drop. Plus, Apple’s very own MacBook Air dropped from $949 to $899 during Prime Day 2021.


It’s not common to find great discounts on high-end TVs. That said, sometimes Amazon surprises customers.

For example, the Sonny A8H Brava dropped from $2,498 to $1798 at one point in 2021. That’s quite the deal for a 4K Ultra HD smart television.

The 43-Inch Samsung “The Frame” was another great deal. It cut $200 from its retail price. The final discount for Prime buyers was $798.

Video Games

Consoles and video games are always big sellers on Amazon Prime Day. For instance, the Nintendo Switch saw one of the best deals in 2021.

This is one of the most coveted consoles, at $479. But during Prime Day, some sellers offer the Nintendo Switch for $429. Such offers included a carry case, one 128GB SD card, and more.


No surprises here. Whether it’s for working out or listening to music, headphones are a big-time seller on Amazon. Let’s look at the best Prime Day 2021 deals on headphones:

The coveted AirPods saw a $60 discount. They went from $250 to $190. It’ll be no surprise to find a similar deal on Prime Day 2022.

On the other hand, some users bought the Galaxy Buds Pro at $169. That’s a 30-dollar save from the $199 retail price. 

And for more demanding ears, Sony’s WH-1000XM4 dropped from $348 to $237.

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Note: The previous data is an estimate, based on Amazon Prime Day 2021 deals. It does not convey the exact deals for Amazon Prime Day 2022.

Sources: CreativeBloq and Techradar

Make the Most of Amazon Prime Day 2022

It takes a few things to have a successful Prime Day. First, you should get your stock ready. So, select your best-selling items, and make sure you have enough inventory to meet demand.

The second tenet is to help your customers be ready. Share the discounts you’ll be offering during Amazon Prime Day 2022. For example, create exclusive deals and promotions for Prime subscribers.

Social Media

Give a boost via your social media content. JungleScout’s Consumer Trends Report, internet ads influence customer sales:

48% of consumers read social media comments to learn what’s being said about a brand.45% consider it important that brands respond to comments. 46% say that being “followed” by online ads helps them keep brands in mind.35% have bought a product after watching a brand’s livestream. 

Source: JungleScout

Social media also helps improve opinions on brands and products. And make no mistake, brand loyalty is always at stake, since consumers value quality care.

As a rule of thumb, conduct your campaigns on the following platforms. JungleScout states that users think these are the most trustworthy channels to find new products:

Source: JungleScout

Product Reviews

JungleScout states that most users prefer to leave a product rating than a full review. That said, 64% of shoppers consider product reviews before buying a product.

Here are the factors that encourage reviews, and influence other users purchase decisions: 

Source: JungleScout


Don’t forget about affordability. Most consumers are driven by a desire to save money. According to the same report by JungleScout:

48% of consumers shop from specific brands because they consistently lower prices.Since Q1 2022, the amount of consumers said they would switch brands for more affordable options increased by 12%.

You can also use lightning deals to boost sales. These deals are only active for a few hours, so customers can seize any offer for a steal.

So, take advantage of social media, sponsored campaigns and unique offers. These tools will help you increase visibility and drive your offers up in the search rank.

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Final Thoughts

We are only a week away from Amazon Prime Day 2022. Hopefully, you are set to storm Amazon during the biggest sale day of the year!

Organization is key to your success on Prime Day. Select your products carefully, so you can secure niche sales.

You know how your customers behave and what they need. With that in mind, you won’t have a problem delighting them next July. 

Showcase your best items with the strategies highlighted above. With a bit of planning, you’ll design a unique strategy to dominate Amazon Prime Day 2022.

Best of luck!


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