Top Online Marketplaces in Europe in 2023

March 14, 2023

It’s been a while since Amazon launched into marketplaces in Europe. Starting off in the UK, the retail giant quickly expanded into Germany, France, Italy, and Spain. 

Now, Amazon also operates in the Netherlands, Sweden, Poland, and Belgium. This is excellent news for brands wanting to expand their European sales reach.

But this is not the only existing path for merchants looking to sell in the old continent. That’s why today, we share the most popular online marketplaces in Europe, besides Amazon.


Top Online Marketplaces in Europe


There are around 15,000 online marketplaces in Europe. Ugwire states that the eCommerce market revenue in Europe is worth $363 billion.

Even more so, it’s anticipated that digital commerce in Europe will enjoy 7.7% annual growth by 2025. This makes the old continent the third largest eCommerce market.

Right now, Amazon is the largest online shop in Europe. The retail giant provides an easy gateway into the continent. Plus, it’s already established a strong presence in several EU countries.

Plus, the retail giant offers unique tools, like the Global Selling program, that make the process a whole lot easier.

But you don’t need to work with such big names. Many European countries feature unique stores that international sellers can tap into to start competing overseas.

Here you’ll find the top online marketplaces in Europe for sellers in 2023.

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This store is one of the big online retailers in Europe, with over 50 million customers per year. Zalando is available in 25 countries and registers a €7 billion annual turnover.

Zalando focuses on selling fashion apparel. Since its launch in 2023, Zalando’s has created a unique logistics machinery, dedicated to connecting brands and customers in a seamless way.




This is one of the top 3 German marketplaces. In fact, OTTO is the most visited online store in Europe, right after Amazon.

You’ll find all kinds of products here. However, OTTO is mostly known for selling lifestyle and fashion items.

All OTTO sellers must pay a €39.90 fee. Plus, you’ll need to set up a German business, complete with a legal form and a valid tax ID.

It’s noteworthy that OTTO is an invite-only marketplace. This is to ensure that customers get the best shopping experience from the best and most established sellers.




Founded in 1998, Cdiscount is the 3rd largest website in France. It registers around 8 million active shoppers and also 19 million unique monthly visits.

Cdiscount displays over 40 product categories, with items like electronics, food, and home appliances.

As of 2023, Cdiscount operates in countries like Germany, Belgium, and Italy. It also registers over €1 billion in annual sales.




This UK-based marketplace operates in Europe, Australia, and the US. ASOS is a fashion-focused eCommerce site, offering more than 850 brands in its marketplace. Plus, they also offer their own brands to customers.

ASOS has grown so big over the years. The company employs over 3,200 people, according to its annual report. Plus, they registered more than £3,999 million in revenue back in 2022.


Emag & Allegro


The first is the largest online shopping site in Romania. Emag gets over 500,000 daily clients, looking to shop from the site’s 1,600 product categories.

Allegro is also the most popular marketplace in Poland, its home country. Plus, it’s also one of the most visited eCommerce sites in Europe.

Allegro is worth €10 billion and does business with over 135 thousand sellers. The site also has around 13 million active users.


Meero & ManoMano


Europe also has ample room for specialized marketplaces. On one hand, ManoMano specializes in DIY, home improvement, and gardening products. ManoMano is available in six European Countries, Plus, it’s visited by around 50 million users each month.

Meero is another excellent site, but this one focuses on photography. The site offers photo editing software and is also a market where photographers can offer their work to customers. It’s also a great site for artists to find freelance work.




This is another fashion marketplace, founded in Portugal but available across the world. Farfetch currently sells products from over 700 brands.  

As of 2022, Farfetch ships to over 190 countries. Plus, it receives around 10 million visits per month. The company has also been on the New York Stock Exchange since 2018.


NuOrder & Joor


These are B2B marketplaces for brands and retailers. Both NuOrder and Joor allow sellers to optimize their wholesale operations. They’re designed for retailers that want to offer new brands to their customers.

NuOrder hosts over 3,000 brands and 500,000 retailers. They claim to have processed over $38 in orders.

As of 2019, Joor featured over 350,000 retailers and 8,000 brands in their marketplace. That same year, the company netted $23 billion in gross merchandise volume

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Are Marketplaces the Future?


So who is the biggest online retailer in Europe? Amazon, no question. The retail giant registered around 1 billion monthly visits, as of mid-2022.

However, there are other marketplaces in Europe that have a fair surge of visitors and sales. For example, over 500 million monthly users visited eBay as of July 2022. Esty also registered almost 400 million visits, according to Statista.

Any of the marketplaces in Europe we listed above offer a great entryway into Europe. Plus, they can help you delight customers that you may not find on Amazon.



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